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Olivia and Stephan
Olivia and Stephan

Northway it's called?

This is Olivia and Stephan, living in Basel Switzerland. Two years ago we bought a VW T4 California from 1992 and we love to travel in this van so much. We already visited 13 countries in Europe and we want more! Besides that, we realized, that we invest so much time researching the best products and solutions to improve our van. The whole solar setup is a good example. We invested several months into figuring out this technology, how it works, what setup is best for us, what parts do we need and in the end the products itself of course. Sharing is caring, right? So this is the reason why we decided to share all this knowledge with you so you don't have to research all over again. We'll share all kinds of stuff, from camper interior to traveling routine and traveling tips to mechanical information, all you need if you call a camper your own; or maybe plan to buy one.

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